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Recipe for a Safe 4th of July

It’s America’s Birthday! There’s no better way to celebrate than in the birthplace of our Nation, New England. The 4th of July is a day for Americans to come together, remember our heritage, and enjoy all the activities summer offers in true American fashion.

This day of celebration is synonymous with many activities, traditions, and memories. When reminiscing about this holiday, the first three things that come to mind are sunburn, boating, and fireworks. On the 4th of July, it is important to remain safe, alert, and act preventatively to protect yourself and your loved ones.

To protect from a sunburn:

  • Stay in the shade
  • Wear protective clothing, such as a t-shirt, shorts, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses
  • To protect exposed skin, apply water-resistant, SPF 30+ sunscreen 30 minutes before your outdoor excursion and reapply after getting wet or every two hours – whichever comes first

Life vest safety:

  • The United States Coast Guard recommends all individuals on a moving vessel always wear a life jacket
  • Every state has its’ own laws, but it’s recommended that everyone under the age of 16 wear a life jacket
  • It is important that life jackets are appropriate for age, weight, boat size, and boating operation
  • Make sure that the vessel is stocked with enough life jackets for every person aboard

Firework safety:

  • Obey all State laws
  • Never allow children to light fireworks
  • Keep a safe distance at all times
  • Wear eye protection when lighting fireworks
  • Never light fireworks when consuming alcohol
  • Never point fireworks at yourself or others

If you sustain an injury that needs medical attention such as a bad sunburn, minor eye injury or burns – seek care at one of ClearChoiceMD’s Urgent Care locations. All centers are open over the holiday and holiday weekend. Have a happy, fun, SAFE 4th of July!