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A Culture of Caring

ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care CEO Dr. Marcus Hampers

At ClearChoiceMD, our mission is to provide our communities affordable, compassionate, exceptional patient care.

After practicing emergency medicine for over 20 years, ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care’s founder, President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Marcus Hampers saw an abundance of overcrowding in the emergency room for non-life-threatening illness and injury. With this observation, he saw an opportunity to offer affordable, high-quality care in an alternative setting. As a result, ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care opened its first center located in Berlin, VT in 2014 and as of 2021 has grown to include 15 locations across VT, NH, ME, and MA.

What sets us apart from other urgent care centers is that ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care is physician-founded and led. “When I formed the company six years ago, my vision was to provide communities additional access points for the treatment of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. I wanted to deliver high-quality, accessible and affordable care. Starting a business is daunting, especially with all of the frustrations that come along the way, but one thing that never changed was our commitment to providing exceptional care. As a physician-founded and physician-led organization, we have the deepest understanding of what that means,” says Dr. Hampers. Patient care is at the forefront of all that we do, everything from offering new services to updating our technology is done to improve our ability to support our patients.

Since our foundation, ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care has become New England’s premier physician-founded and led urgent care company. In 2019, we celebrated five years of treating patients’ urgent medical needs. This milestone year was one of growth and reflection, giving us the opportunity to set forth an expanded commitment to caring for our communities and strengthen company culture by establishing a company mission statement and values.

At ClearChoiceMD, we’re proud of who we are, what we do and how we do it. Two of our greatest assets are our team and culture. Providing consistent, high-quality, affordable care wouldn’t be possible without having an exceptional team comprised of clinicians, medical and administrative support staff, and outside community and healthcare partners. “We embrace a culture of compassion and kindness which extends to every facet of our business. Three attributes we expect all of our team members to possess are that they be competent, kind and efficient.  If we had a secret sauce, that would be it! One of the most gratifying things for me is to observe how proudly our team members represent ClearChoiceMD, not only when they are providing direct patient care, but also in their daily activities outside of ClearChoiceMD. As we continue to grow, we will remain focused on our goal to provide exceptional care and on our values, which help accomplish that goal.”

With continued growth on the horizon, we are excited to welcome more like-minded individuals to our team who share the same mission of providing affordable, compassionate, exceptional patient care.