• Woman in sunny green field

    Spring Wellness: Prepare for the Season

    With winter in the rearview mirror, it’s time to put single-digit temperatures and snow squalls behind us and spring forward into a new season. Check out these spring wellness tips to help get you and your family prepared for those glorious, sunshiny days ahead! Sign up for a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) The benefits […]

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  • Your Guide to Winter Wellness in New England

    You aren’t just imagining it; the winter blues are real. With shorter daylight hours and a drop in the temperature, it can be hard to adjust to the winter season. If you are feeling less social and having difficulty sleeping or taking initiative, we have some tips to help boost your wellness this winter! GET […]

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  • flu vaccination

    Flu Fighting Tips

    Influenza season or “the flu” is nothing new, but there is often a lot of confusion about the virus itself, the vaccination, and symptoms surrounding it. Dr. Thomas Scott hopes to increase awareness of the virus by sharing some of his expert tips. The Seriousness of the Flu Individuals have been known to underestimate the […]

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  • Help Children Be Better at Handwashing

    It may seem second nature to some, but many people are unaware of proper handwashing protocol and technique, especially young children. School-aged children can be some of the biggest perpetrators when it comes to handwashing mistakes. Teaching your child how to wash their hands is no easy task, but it can help them avoid getting […]

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  • Recipe for a Safe 4th of July

    It’s America’s Birthday! There’s no better way to celebrate than in the birthplace of our Nation, New England. The 4th of July is a day for Americans to come together, remember our heritage, and enjoy all the activities summer offers in true American fashion. This day of celebration is synonymous with many activities, traditions, and […]

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