No-Cost Flu Shots

Did you know that the CDC recommends getting a flu vaccine by the end of October? If you haven’t received your flu shot yet, don’t worry, we have you covered! All ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care centers are offering no-cost flu shots for the entire month of October.

This year more than ever, getting the flu vaccine is crucial to your part in protecting yourself, your loved ones, and those who cannot protect themselves. Throughout the month of October, all ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care centers are offering flu shots at no cost to the patient, regardless of insurance coverage.

  • Available to patients ages 4+
  • Bring a photo ID and insurance card, if available (insurance is not required)*
  • Save time and pre-register at a center near you!

*If you have healthcare insurance, we will bill your carrier and cover any remaining patient balance owed for the vaccine. If you lack insurance, we will cover the cost of the vaccine completely. Either way, there is no cost to you, the patient.

Find a location near you!

For more information on hours and directions, or to pre-register online, select the ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care center nearest to you