Caring for the Community

As your community health partner, ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care is committed to being here when you need us. The health and well-being of the communities we serve is our top priority. This means that support for the community goes far beyond the physical walls of our urgent care centers, and out into the hearts and lives of those that we work, live and play with.

Sports Teams and Leagues Sponsorships

As active members of our community with a grassroots focus, we recognize the importance of sports in the lives of both youth and adult athletes. No matter your age, sports help build confidence, inspire connections and provide an opportunity for personal growth. ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care provides sponsorships to community leagues, booster clubs, and school-affiliated sports teams.

Community Events

ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care recognizes the unique role that these celebrations play in making our neighborhood home. Community events are an opportunity to honor local history, families, and education. Our team thrives at on-site opportunities where we can build lasting connections with those who live, work and play in our neighborhoods. Please reach out to us if you represent a local organization or event where you believe ClearChoiecMD Urgent Care could enhance the health and wellbeing of the community.

If you are interested in partnering with ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care to support local communities, please fill out the below form, or send relevant details to