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ClearChoiceMD, Littleton Regional Healthcare Expand Partnership for Increased Testing in Littleton, NH

Littleton NH COVID Testing Coming Soon

Active Infection and Antibody Testing Available at Littleton Regional Healthcare Beginning Tuesday, May 26th

LITTLETON, NH- Littleton Regional Healthcare (LRH) and ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care, a New Hampshire based urgent care company, have partnered to make COVID-19 Active Infection and Antibody Testing available to the North Country of New Hampshire. Collaborative efforts between the two organizations have resulted in expanded testing capabilities for the Littleton area and surrounding communities. The testing site will be located at LRH and is scheduled to open at 9AM on Tuesday, May 26th.

The two organizations launched a temporary testing site earlier this month in Lincoln, NH. The initial response of their Lincoln site indicated a greater need for testing services in Northern New Hampshire. As a result, the two have decided to expand their partnership to include a new testing site in Littleton, NH, which will be located right at LRH. “This cooperative effort between Littleton Regional Healthcare and ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care allows for widespread and more rapid testing of the region we serve,” says Littleton Regional Healthcare Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Edward Duffy, MD. “Expanded testing capabilities lead to early intervention and better community surveillance which are key in controlling the spread of COVID-19.”

“Littleton Regional Healthcare is committed to providing the North Country of New Hampshire with the highest level of quality care. We are glad to partner with ClearChoiceMD, a physician-owned and physician-led company, with patient care as its core mission. The safety of our patients, our staff, and our community is at the forefront of everything we are doing.” says Robert Nutter, President and CEO of Littleton Regional Healthcare.

The designated testing site is located behind the LRH campus at 600 St. Johnsbury Road, and is open Monday – Friday, from 9AM – 5PM. Those seeking testing must turn on to Hilltop Road to access the rear of the LRH facility. Signage displayed along St. Johnsbury Road, Hilltop Road, and on-site will provide instructions on where to go to receive testing. Both COVID-19 active infection testing (nasal swab) and COVID-19 antibody testing (blood draw) will be available at this location. Patient identification and insurance information (if available) will be required to complete registration; however, insurance coverage is not required to receive the test. Most insurance providers are covering the cost of COVID-19 evaluation and testing. Individuals are encouraged to contact their insurance provider to determine coverage prior to their visit. If you are a New Hampshire resident and are uninsured, or if your insurance does not cover testing, the state of New Hampshire will cover the cost. Those who reside out of state can receive testing for an out of pocket cost of $139, plus a separate lab fee billed by Quest.

Those seeking COVID-19 testing can drive up during operating hours; no appointments or outside referrals are needed. Individuals will be instructed to remain in their vehicles until greeted by a staff member and provided instructions to begin the registration process. Once registered, the onsite medical team will gather some additional information and provide a quick evaluation, which is shortly followed by COVID-19 testing. Test results can be expected within 3-5 days, but could take longer in some cases. Test results may take longer especially for Antibody test results. Please note, this is a COVID-19 testing site only. Anyone who is actively showing symptoms will be directed to Littleton Regional Healthcare’s Emergency Department Respiratory Treatment Area for thorough evaluation.

“We are honored to be partnering with Littleton Regional Healthcare to provide such an important service to our communities during this time of crisis,” says ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care Founder and CEO Marcus Hampers, MD. “We look forward to continuing and expanding this relationship once the COVID crisis recedes and we all strive to return to normal.”