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Prevention and Recovery of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are some of the most common injuries for both youth and adult athletes. Many individuals believe that sports injuries are just a part of the game, but most injuries are preventable. If you do happen to sustain a sports injury, it is important to seek medical care immediately and take adequate measures to ensure your health.

Be prepared.

First, get a preseason physical. Physicals screen for many conditions such as asthma, blood pressure, cardiac health, and mental health to make sure you are healthy enough to participate in the first place. ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care offers $25 sports physicals at all 10 locations with no appointment necessary.

Second, have the right gear; helmet, shoulder pads, mouth guard, gloves, knee pads, and sport appropriate shoes are all critical before you participate.

Third, it is important to recognize that the sport alone will not keep you in shape. Having a proper conditioning program that is designed not only for you, but for your sport, is crucial.

Fourth, warm up! Warm muscles are less likely to be injured during physical exertion. As stated above, your warm up need to be tailored to your individual needs and your sport.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure to maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated.

Know your limits.

Be aware of your body. Whether it’s during practice or the event itself, be conscious of your body’s limitations. Are your muscles feeling tighter than normal? Show up early to get in some extra warm up time. Did that last hit leave you feeling dizzy? See your team’s physician or seek medical care immediately. Knowing what is normal vs. abnormal for yourself is an important part in preventing and treating sports injuries of varying degrees.

Recovery isn’t always speedy.

Rest and down time are essential to recovering from a sports injury. Returning to athletic activity too soon can cause more harm than good. Although taking it easy is hard for many dedicated athletes, it’s important to recognize the benefits of rest following an injury.

Every athlete knows the importance of cold therapy in sports injury recovery. Don’t skimp on ice application just because you’re itching to get back in the saddle.

Physical therapy after a sports injury can help you improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion. It also teaches proper technique, which can help prevent future injuries.

If you happen to sustain an urgent, non-life-threatening injury that needs medical attention such as a sprain, strain or tear – please seek care at one of ClearChoiceMD’s Urgent Care locations